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Exempt Market Dealers, Calgary Alberta AB, Rick Couronne & Larisa Wells

Larisa Wells
& Rick Couronne

We help our clients invest in established private companies to generate monthly/quarterly income.

Objectives – Create custom client portfolios with targets of consistent annual income of 6-12% by investing in established private companies, including real estate, to help mitigate uncertainty caused by the volatility of stock markets.

Our Clients' Objectives – Seeking steady investment income, capital protection, and balancing exposure to stock market risks and volatility.

Strategy – We create a diversified portfolio of monthly/quarterly generating income investments such as residential and corporate lending, real estate, private apartment REITs, energy assets, dental clinics, industrial assets, discounted shares of multi-billion dollar private companies.

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Jul, 08, 2024
As with many retirement savers, it took two major stock market events (Global Financial Crisis, Global Pandemic) to convince Adam and Sonya that trying to 'time the market' or pick specific sectors was a costly exercise in futility. But, with the value of their RRSPs nearly halved in the 2009... Read more
Jul, 08, 2024
History tells us about half of marriages in Canada end in divorce. Andrew and Sara are about to end theirs and are concerned about the changes that will have to be made to their financial and estate plans. Some financial and estate issues they need to consider are: Life Insurance – The first thing... Read more
Jul, 08, 2024
By far one of the most crucial financial strategy steps is accurately estimating retirement expenses. Correctly accounting for retirement living expenses is critical to ensuring that retirees do not outlive their money. For those already retired, there are usually few good options for creating new... Read more

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